Prepara Tabletop Mister - Rude customer Service and refusal to replace defective part

Not resolved

I ordered the mister from Amazon and it arrived promptly. I unboxed the item to wash the parts. There was a sticker on the top plastic pump part that said pump 7x. This was not a sticker that was intended to be permanent. I peeled the sticker off and it left a residue. I tried to rub it off with my thumb, then tried a little alcohol. The residue would not come off. I called Prepara directly to ask for a new top without the sticker.

I explained what happened and was transferred to a second person. She told me they could not send a replacement and that I should use Goo Gone to remove the residue. Since I cannot use strong chemicals that wasn't a good option. I bought their product in the first place because I wanted to use less chemicals not more. She said she could not replace it and transferred me to a third person who I think was named Ed. He told me he had one in his hand and he peeled off the sticker with no problem. That's great but mine stuck and left a difficult to remove residue on the plastic. I told him that if he couldn't help me that it was worth arguing over that I would just return it to Amazon. He actually told me " well, it's not worth it to us, to send you a new top." AT that point I said "thanks" and hung up.

This really was the worst customer service I have ever gotten for a small request. It seemed as if they just did not care at all. I can no longer recommend there product as I have done n the past.

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